“Over the course of the trimester, I think I’ve really improved as a writer. I learned, through the multiple short stories we read, that many things can qualify as short fiction and there are endless themes, structures, and styles to use. I was able to take this and translate it to my own writing, first with the setting piece, then the dialogue, and then put it all together in my short story.

This course also helped me make sure that every sentence I wrote served a purpose. Some of the things that stuck with me the most are “rate of revelation per page” and giving the reader 2 and 2 instead of 4. These were techniques and ideas that I knew worked but I didn’t know exactly what they were or why they were so effective. It was really helpful to learn about them in class and discover why they worked, and I know that these are things that will stick with me as I continue my writing career.”

— Sophia K., Student

“Over the trimester I sparked a new love for short fiction, and learned that there can be so many hidden details and themes in good short fiction pieces. I really enjoyed reading and analyzing the Cask of Amontillado, One of these Days, Hills like White Elephants, and the Jhumpa Lahiri piece. I never knew that I could uncover such a deeper meaning in these stories. I loved the way you structured class, the classes were always well organized and the workshops helped so much. As for my writing, I thought it improved greatly when I learned about how the smallest details can add the most details about characters.”

— Emmett G., Student

“Not many people can inspire [my son] as you did…you have a rare talent.”

— Liz. W., Parent

“Warm, intelligent, full of confidence and life, Stacia is a truly exceptional individual. She knows her subject matter and she is a natural teacher. As a citizen of our department she made the lives of those around her pointedly better. In sum, you will not find another like her.”

— David Keplinger, Director MFA Program in Creative Writing at American University

“Stacia has the requisite skills for the teaching/advising fields: impeccable communication ability, a fierce work ethic, and a sensitive appreciation for the needs of others….All of her work experience has been collaborative, and much of it has involved education. Certainly, her two years spent tutoring students in our department’s writing center are particularly noteworthy. Many of the writing center’s clients are international students who face great challenges in writing English language essays. Tutors must have strong language facility, an engaging personality, and sensitivity to student anxieties about writing and language. Stacia possesses those skills, and is one of the writing center’s most consulted tutors. As a writing teacher, I understand that if one can successfully teach writing one-on-one, one can adapt those skills to a full classroom or to other learning/counseling environments. Stacia’s combination of a long held interest in education with two years of practical university-level experience makes her a perfect candidate for a teaching or advising position.”

–Glenn Moomau, Hurst Senior Professional Lecturer at American University

“I observed Stacia and met with her weekly to discuss her teaching goals. In a very short period of time, Stacia possessed a natural knack for teaching that allowed me to serve as more of a support resource than a teacher educator. I was duly impressed by Stacia’s meticulous approach to her lessons, her presence in the classroom, her rapport with the students, and her high standards. Stacia developed a curriculum that was challenging but student-friendly, and she made extensive use of multimedia to supplement the course. Stacia also worked to strike a balance between teacher-directed and student-centered instruction, and she allowed student voice to guide the discourse in the classroom, when appropriate.

In addition to my observations of Stacia’s strengths, her students also give her rave reviews on her course evaluations. Students appreciate her intelligence, seriousness of purpose, calm demeanor, and challenging curriculum. One student remarked that Stacia was among the best teachers he had during his time in high school. As I witness her work with students, I wholly agree with this student’s sentiments.”

— Lori Cohen, Coordinator The Bay School Teaching Fellows Program