Keisha contented in Kentucky. :)

Keisha contented in Kentucky. 🙂

Meet, Keisha-Anne. 🙂 Keisha-Anne is a family psychologist and currently resides in Trinidad and Tobago.

Home Country: Trinidad and Tobago.

Where I’ve Been: Barbados, Dominica, New York, Florida (Miami, Orlando), Washington D.C, Maryland, Virginia, Washington State (Seattle ), Louisiana  (New Orleans), Indiana, Colorado (Denver), Missouri, Kentucky, England, France and many more.

Unforgettable Travel Moment: Top ones in mind: having to poop in the mountains outside a D.C metro stop ?; and meeting a Norwegian man for the first time while in England who, as it turned out, I had originally encountered in a random public Yahoo games room! He is my close friend up to today! 🙂  

#1 Bucket List Destination: Egypt

My Travel Essentials: Wi-Fi, food, and good vibes 🙂  

What I have learnt while travelling: Humans have the SAME insecurities deep down no matter what race, ethnicity, nationality, or even what privilege (or lack thereof) that the media portrays. Do you! 

The most difficult part of travelling is: Learning to go with the flow when plans spontaneously change.

Travel tips for other Voyagers interested in budget world travel: KNOW that you want to travel first. Then let Google, and friends in different countries help the process along 🙂  

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