As I mentioned in the “About Me” section, I tell stories through image, sound and word. I have attached a sampling of my published work. Do enjoy! 🙂

A Poem: Whitewash

“Whitewash” published by Bellevue Literary Review

Poem: "Liniment" published by The Messenger

“Liniment” published by The Messenger

Two Prose Poems: "Perennial" and "Mimic Men" published by Beltway Poetry Quarterly.

Two Prose Poems: “Perennial” and “Mimic Men” published by Beltway Poetry Quarterly

An excerpt from the short film “Matched” that maps the Millennial’s frenzied, though earnest, journey to find love! Shot on the Panasonic AF100.

Graffiti art and drifters caught on the 16 mm Bolex Film Camera.

A 10 second “found image” editing mash-up!

Excerpt from an advertisement for the Classic Barbershop in Canarsie, N.Y

Music: “Barbershop” by Murs and 9th Wonder

Excerpt from documentary on Anonymity in Big Cities.