Oneata meditating at sunrise on Mt. Sinai.

Oneata meditating at sunrise on Mt. Sinai. 🙂 

Meet, Oneata. 🙂 Oneata is a Mum, entrepreneur, and proud member of Australia’s National Women’s Rugby team. Oneata currently resides in Melbourne, Australia.

Home Country: New Zealand.

Where I’ve Been:  Mexico, Indonesia, Paris, Italy, Switzerland, France, Monaco, Egypt, New Zealand, Australia, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, London, United Kingdom, Brazil, San Diego, Santa Monica, Arizona, and many others.

Unforgettable Travel Moment: Cairo, Egypt.

#1 Bucket List Destination: Egypt, which I conquered; my next would be the Ancient Wonders of the World.

My Travel Essentials: CAMERA, must have backup batteries, Camera on Phone.

What I have learnt while travelling: That you discover a new you every time; you never are the same person again and it makes you look into your own life and see what it is that is truly important. I used to care about material things a lot, now I don’t give two shits 😛 , as long as I am in good company and have a place to lay my head, I am good. I love being out of my comfort zone especially concerning the environment I am in. It challenges me to push my limits and experience another world.

The most difficult part of travelling is: Language barrier at times but, in the end, you always work things out.

Travel tips for other Voyagers interested in budget world travel: Research! You can find awesome deals, make new friends online by couchsurfing and bunking up. Get to know people who live in the countries you want to travel to and get tips! There are plenty of sites to help.

Don’t be fussy on where you sleep 🙂 . You’re only there a short while and you want to use your money to explore and not on fancy hotels if you are travelling alone or on a budget.

Social media helps out a lot! Don’t buy too many things for yourself as long as you got a camera you have the memories you need. I collect fridge magnets for each city I travel to and that’s enough. Look early for flight deals as well, you just need to get there – not an expensive flight. Looking 6-9 months prior helps.

And say YES to everything! Try everything new you haven’t before! That’s why you travel, you go to experience another world, not the one you live in! Otherwise stay home! 😀  And be OPEN to the new…You will discover and find a new you and that’s  most exciting.

To follow Oneata’s travels, connect with her at @onez69 on Instragram and Twitter. 🙂  

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