Fana cheerful in Cuba! :)

Fana exploring the streets of Havana, Cuba! 🙂 

Meet Fana. 🙂 Fana works hard by day as a consultant in Finance to fund her next travel adventure and currently resides in London, UK.

Home Country: Trinidad and Tobago.

Where I’ve Been: Broken down by region…Americas: USA, Canada, Costa Rica, Brazil. Caribbean: Jamaica, Martinique, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Guyana. Europe: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Macedonia, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey. Middle East & Asia: UAE, China, Vietnam. Africa: Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, Mauritius, Morocco.

Unforgettable Travel Moment: So many to choose from! My most recent was in Trinidad, Cuba. After befriending a local band, they taught me how to play one of their musical instruments and I performed with them while they entertained at a restaurant. It so happened that two Trinis (from Trinidad & Tobago!) were dining in that same restaurant that evening as they were passing through town as well. It was a great random encounter and proved that we’re literally everywhere! ☺

#1 Bucket List Destination: Honestly, everywhere I haven’t already been. I have a bucket list for each year. For 2016, top of my list is visiting Machu Picchu in Peru.

My Travel Essentials: An open mind, Lonely Planet travel guide, Portable charger for my phone and iPad.

What I have learnt while travelling: Lose yourself in the culture and talk to as many locals as possible. That’s how you get the best tips and the most authentic travel experience. If they see that you genuinely want to understand their country, language and life experiences they’re almost always willing to go the extra mile to help. Also, if something doesn’t go as planned, bounce back quickly and laugh it off… You now have an extra story to tell around the dinner table.

The most difficult part of travelling is: Remembering the logistics. I’ve run through too many airports to count trying not to miss a flight…!

Travel tips for other Voyagers interested in budget world travel: (1) Travel doesn’t have to be expensive if you plan ahead and are resourceful. (2) Don’t hold yourself back from going somewhere because you don’t know anyone who’s already been who can tell you what to do. There always has to be that first person who needs to figure it out, so why not let it be you!

To follow Fana’s travels, connect with her at @fanag on Instagram 🙂  

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