Cruisin’ the Cranberry Lake Reserve

You Don’t Have to Travel Far to Find Eden!

Photo credit: Anton Kerkula

If I asked you where the above photo was taken, you’d probably guess the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia, Maybury State Park in Michigan, or even the Hudson Valley, New York. If you guessed the latter, you wouldn’t be too far off!

This panoramic shot was taken last weekend at the Cranberry Lake Preserve, New York. And when I say New York, I don’t mean the dauntingly distant valleys of upstate New York, but a 25-minute scenic drive outside Yonkers!

So, if you’re in New York and looking for something local, off the tourist track, and that feels worlds away – Cranberry Lake Reserve is an excellent bet! 😀


Trails and treats at the Cranberry Lake Reserve! 😀 

Located at 1609 Old Orchard Street, North White Plains, NY 10604, The Cranberry Reserve is open from dawn to dusk. Its 190 acres is operated by the Westchester County Department of Parks, Recreation and Conservation.

In operation since 1967, the park has been a well-preserved sanctuary for all forms of flora and fauna, including migratory birds, turtles, and dragonflies! On the preserve you’ll stumble across the four-acre Cranberry Lake with reeds looming like lampposts (I sincerely felt like Thumbelina!); cliffs and scrubland that will have you re-enacting scenes from the Game of Thrones; mixed hardwood forest, vernal pools, and a swamp. This is a veritable bird watcher, play-in-the-sun’r and photographer’s paradise! 😉 AND, if you’ve a few extra hours on hand, wend your way to the remains of the 19th century farmhouse, or that of the early 20th century stone-mining operation.

Peep some of the highlights below:

The pristine Cranberry Lake.

The pristine Cranberry Lake.

The majestic reeds lakeside! :)

The majestic reeds lakeside! 🙂 

Taking in one of the views from one of the cliffs. :D

Taking in the view from one of the cliffs. 😀 

Basking in the sun's glow! :)

Basking in the sun’s glow! 🙂 Do you see me?

Rumour has it that there’s an abandoned tennis court somewhere in the mix! If you find it, send me a photo. Then enjoy the return trip home that is a-drip with the warm colours of fall this time of year!

Tell me, what fun have you concocted locally lately? 😀

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