A Community Travel Bucket List that Keeps Growing!

Won’t you get lonely? Isn’t viewing it on the Travel Channel or reading AFAR enough? Isn’t it dangerous? Don’t you like your family? WHAT exactly are you running from?!

I’ve heard it all, yet my wandering spirit remains undeterred. And the fact that my parents fed my wild imagination with weekly gifts of literature as a child, doomed me to a life of wonder. Wondering what lay ELSEWHERE. But who’s complaining? Now, when I’m feeling particularly guilty about leaving, I blame it all on them. 😛  

Do I miss my loved ones? Most certainly. Is living vicariously through travel magazines enough? No.

In the spirit of guilty confession, I now share my BUCKET LIST and in no particular order. 😀 

However, I want this list to be INTERACTIVE and to evolve! 


  • Share your bucket list items in the comments below — be as detailed as you’d like!
  • If there’s an item on my list that’s on yours, let me know!
  • With each added wish, please include your NAME and HOMETOWN. I would love to get to know you!

I’ll ADD YOUR travel WISHES  to the ULTIMATE BUCKET LIST and place 🙂 ’s next to the more popular ones!

GET INSPIRED to go from VISION to VOYAGE when you see just how many others are crazy about what lies on the horizon!

Who knows? Maybe YOU’LL soon be the one fumbling for an answer as you race to yet another airport security checkpoint. 😀 


Renting an Igloo to view the Northern lights, Finland

Yi Peng (Floating Lantern Festival), Chiang Mai, Thailand 

Havasu Falls, Grand Canyon

Antelope Canyon, Arizona

Hang Son Doong Cave, Vietnam 

Boracay, Cebu, Philippines

Luang Prabang: Vang Vieng Blue Lagoon and Caves, Laos 

Iguazu Falls, Argentina

Tiger’s Nest, Bhutan

Kyaut Sae Cave, Myanmar

Taking the Blue Train from Pretoria to Cape Town, South Africa 

Listen to chanting monks at the Sant’Antimo Abbey, Montalcino, Italy

Rio De Janiero

Rio De Janiero, BRAZIL

Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, Andaman Sea, Thailand

Swayambhunath, Kathmandu, Nepal

Bali, Indonesia

Raja Ampat, Papua, Indonesia

Socotra Island, Yemen

Safari, Ssese Islands, Uganda 

Hiking the Inca Trail, Machu Picchu, Peru

Salar de Uyuni (Salt fields) in Bolivia

Listen to the Morse Orgulje (sea organ), Zadar, Croatia 

Petra,Wadi Rum Caravan Camp, Jordan

The Monastery, Ma’an, Jordan

Caño Cristales (River of 5 Colours), Colombia 

Sigiriya Rock, Dambulla, Sri Lanka 

Climbing Mt. Sinai at Sunrise, Egypt 

Sunrise boatride along the Ghats of the Varanasi, India 

Lepakshi, India

Qutb Minar, Taj Mahal, Kailasa Temple, Chand Baori, INDIA

Holi, Deepawali, India


Cruise the Amazon River

Sunrise at Borobudur Temple, Indonesia

Ecotourism, Costa Rica

Chefchaouen and Marrakech, Morocco

Sidi Bou Said, Hammamet, Tunisia

Chocolate Hills of Bohol, Philippines

Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico

Spice Bazaar, Turkey

Sintra, Portugal 

Cinque Terre, Italy

Art Scene, Dakar, Senegal 

Hot Air Ballooning, Cappadocia, Turkey

The underwater hiking trails of Grüner See (Green Lake), Austria

Greek Islands

Santorini, GREECE

The Alhambra, Granada, Spain

Zanzibar, Tanzania

Dead Sea, Israel

Great Wall of China 

Zhangye Danxia landform in Gansu, China

Bet Giyorgis (Church of St. George), Lalibela, Ethiopia

Cape Town, South Africa

Anse Source D’Argent, La Digue, Seychelles

Lamu Archipelago, Kenya 

Meeting the Masai of Kenya/Tanzania

Train journey through Madagascar

Sossusvlei: the deserts of Namibia

Meeting the Himba Women of Namibia 

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, China

Cherry Blossoms, Bonenkai Party, Japan

Staying at the Book and Bed, Tokyo, Japan


Accra, GHANA

San Andres, Colombia

Mara River during wildebeest migration, Kenya

Islas de la Bahia, Honduras

Ik Kil Cenote / Cave Diving in Mexico

Goree Island, Lake Retba, Senegal

Kailasa Temple, Ellore, India

Glamping / Safari in Kenya


Ocho Rios, Jamaica 

St. Lucia

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Hiking the Himalayas

Basilica Cistern, Turkey

Talpe Beach, Ella tea plantations, Sri Lanka

Taking the Shinkansen Bullet Train to Mt. Fuji, Lake Ashi, Japan

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Angkor Wat, CAMBODIA

Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Paddy Fields, Vietnam

Getting my happy on in Bhutan

Timbuktu, Mali

Canoeing the Nile, Egypt

Aswan and Nubia, Egypt

Savannah, Georgia

Blue Hole, Jamaica

Jacmel, Haiti

Palawan El Nido, Philippines

Sea of Stars on Vaadhoo Island (bioluminescent phytoplankton), Maldives

Photograph flamingoes in Bonaire


Moai, Easter Island

The Galapagos Islands

Walk the Camino in Spain: the Santiago de Compostela Pilgrimage in Spain

Glowworm Caves in Waitomo, New Zealand

The Shire, New Zealand



La Cascada de Tamul, Mexico 


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