Voyager Spotlight: Fatima


Fatima in Amman, Jordan. 🙂 

Meet Fatima. 🙂 Fatima is a brilliant graduate student currently living in the United States.

Home Country: Trinidad and Tobago

Where I’ve Been:  England, Scotland, United States, China, France, Germany, Jordan, Senegal, Barbados, Martinique

Unforgettable Travel Moment: I have many amazing travel moments, but I think the most memorable one was spending the night at a Bedouin camp in Wadi Rum Desert, Jordan. What a beautiful, peaceful place. Watching the sunset was breathtaking! We spent part of the night gathered around a fire, singing songs and exchanging stories. We also spent some time stargazing. I spotted several shooting stars! It was a truly a magical experience!

#1 Bucket List Destination: Isfahan, Iran.

My Travel Essentials: Sunscreen, sunglasses, Vitamin C, Qur’an, and a good novel!

What I have learnt while travelling: The most important lesson that I learned from travelling is that the best way to understand people of different cultures is to travel to their countries and interact with them. Do not always believe what you read or see in the media. Travel and make up your own mind!

The most difficult part of traveling is: Seeing that I don’t own one of those “magic” passports, from the US or the EU or Canada, getting visas is always a hassle. Another difficult aspect for me is what I call the airport  game. Airports are stressful places for me lol !

Travel tips for other Voyagers interested in budget world travel: Volunteering is a great way to travel on the cheap. It is how I spent an amazing summer in the south of France! Another economic way to travel is to do a work exchange, where you stay in a fabulous locale and pay for this awesome experience with your labour. This could be anything from working at a reception desk in a boutique hotel to helping someone in her kitchen garden!

To follow Fatima’s travels, connect with her on Twitter @fatima_1702 🙂     

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